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508.dev LLC is a software engineering co-op that functions as a design and development firm, a software consultancy, and a software engineering agency. Our unique structure as a co-op means that every engineer is a co-owner. For our clients, that means much higher project ownership by engineers, far higher personal investment, and frankly, better rates - it's hard to beat us on rate when we don't need to maintain a profit margin for shareholders or owners!

Some of our recent projects include:

Our specific technical expertise includes frontend, backend, and fullstack web development (javascript, typescript, node, react, vue, python, django, etc), server and application development (go, python, rust, C++, C#, etc), game and VR development, site reliability, devops, IoT, hardware, and quantum computing (yes, really).

In short, if you have a business need that involves software, we can handle it. Specifically, we offer the following services:

Learn more on our clients page, or email us at hello@508.dev.

Engineer Index

As a co-op, 508.dev exists to help our teammates grow and succeed together. Compared to a "traditional" company, at a co-op, teammates can expect to have larger scopes of responsibility, greater opportunities for learning and growth, and a far larger slice of a company's profits.

We're always interested in growing our team and helping people grow. As a general software consultancy, we're open to people with all sorts of engineering backgrounds. We also really love helping new engineers, and those interested in engineering, find ways to grow.

In fact, we found there are so many people interested in upskilling their engineering, we developed an initiative for internal project development, with a goal of creating opportunities to ramp up junior engineers on real-world, production-scale projects.

This lets us upskill and hone our engineering pool, while investing our spare time on internal product development that we may be able to monetize.

Learn more on our engineering page. If you're an engineer looking to participate in a co-op, email hello@508.dev.

Why a co-op?

All stakeholders benefit from 508.dev incorporating as a co-op. 80% of co-ops survive the first 5 years of business, compared to only 44% of "traditional" businesses. That means our clients can be confident in our continued existence so as to provide ongoing support for our software, and our engineers can be confident in the stability of our organization. Furthermore, because co-ops engage in profit sharing, our engineers are far more invested in the success of the business than at a "traditional" company, which translates to much higher value and faster deliverables for our clients.

Do you only build "ugly" simple-looking designs, like this site?

Hah, no. This site looks like this because we wanted at least one simple thing in our lives. When we're building for clients, the job is different, and usually means making something with a more "traditional" design. See: Jovono, Cofactr.