Unbeatable Value Offshore Engineering

Most vendors take huge cuts of bill rates, meaning you get unqualified and overpriced engineers. 508.dev is a co-op, so it's owned, governed, and operated by our engineers. That means nobody can beat our margins, and nobody can offer a better ratio of engineering quality to bill rate.

We Solve Problems

We match excellent engineers with projects befitting their experience, applying our high standards to every project. We've functioned as a consultancy, a development firm, a manged service provider, and agency for previous clients. Email us at hello@508.dev for more info.

of our clients are repeat customers
engineers in our co-op
timezones represented
babysitting required

Our Principles

508.dev members all follow a rigid set of principles as a condition of membership.

No Excuses
Our teams get it done, to our standards, no matter what. We don't make obstacles our client's problems, we simply overcome them.
Excellent Engineering
We maintain ridiculously high engineering standards and only allow members to join who demonstrate that they have what it takes to meet these standards.
Build for Time
We're happy to be your maintenance team indefinitely, but either way, we build for transferability and time. No more rebuilds because of offshore code spaghetti.
Organization is critical when working with distributed teams. Every member of 508.dev is well versed in AGILE methodology, and we've yet to work with a client with more rigorous project management than our own internal processes.


Our members come from a wide range of technical backgrounds. Our skills cover nearly every engineering discipline.

Our members have built for some of the top companies across the world.

From Silicon Valley to NYC to Singapore, our members have built for the top companies with the best engineering teams on earth. Now, they're available to build with you.

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